As publicists, our jobs are to advise our clients with insightful strategy and share their stories with our rolodex of valuable media contacts. Through client wins, new launches, and innovative story lines we rely on our relationships to share our stories that serve as introductions and portals to a key demographic. Well what happens when the news cycle shifts to represent itself and the jobs our media relationships have lost? As publicists with our fingers on the pulse of the industry, the contacts we once relied upon to share our stories and spread desired buzz may need our help.

The media lay-offs we have witnessed recently are not the first round, and will likely not be the last. While companies re-evaluate post pandemic mass-hiring, compensate for changes in the economy, and indulge in the possibility of AI; careers in journalism are being cut. As publicists, we have witnessed jobs lost at publications like BuzzFeed, Insider, VICE, ABC, ESPN, and others, but our relationships with those journalists still stand. After checking in with PitchBox Media subscribers, many of them shared their relief that their publication has not been affected and others have shared their losses and plans for the future. Even freelancers who didn’t have formal positions to lose have lost their connections to the inside as their editors can no longer share leads and story opportunities. And the editors who were relieved to keep their jobs are now facing a larger workload than ever, as their publication house strives to pump out stories to keep up impressions.

This short piece was written in the hopes that publicists can help journalists weather this storm and support their industry and craft just as they have done for us. Below are tips for publicists to help support their media relationships during this time, to protect journalists and their craft, and eventually elevate future stories and features to come.

Look Out For New Roles

– Keep track of your contacts who may have been laid off or are freelancers looking for a new connection. When you hear of a new role, don’t be afraid to make introductions to help your contacts land a new gig.

Keep Your Stories Fresh

– During a time when journalists feel they have to perform for their job security, don’t be afraid to test new and innovative story lines that may help journalists (and your client!) land a top story.

Assets, Assets, Assets!

– Publications want to push out maximum content with minimum copy due to short staffing. Assets are the key to this strategy! If you want to keep your contacts busy and clients happy, share as many assets as possible to insure publication and consumer interest.


– Journalists are balancing the stress of their industry with increased workload. Be patient with your pitches and only follow-up if necessary.

PitchBox Media specializes in identifying trends and staying ahead of the editorial calendar to support both journalists and marketers. PitchBox Media themed media shipments and our digital press rooms serve as a tool to the 600+ national journalists who use our service to help inspire their work and innovate their stories, join them here. During this time we are grateful for the relationships we have with our subscribers and are grateful for their transparency with us during this time. If you are in the media industry and have any additional publicist tips you would like us to know or job opportunities, please drop us a line. For future media opportunities, connect with our Brand Discovery team.