Two Companies That Help Support a Healthy Lifestyle

When the pandemic began and businesses like gyms and restaurants temporarily closed, many people struggled to manage and maintain healthy routines. Now, two-thirds of consumers are taking a proactive approach to healthy living and are motivated to live a healthy lifestyle, according to a report by Acosta. One of the first steps in beginning a new healthy routine includes finding products that inspire a healthy lifestyle. Nature’s Heart and BODYGYM are two brands who are helping consumers achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Nature’s Heart

Eating nutritious meals and snacks is essential to a healthy well-being. According to a recent survey by Acosta, 49% of individuals said that there was an added focus on healthy eating and nutrition. With so many snack options on the market, it can be difficult to find healthy snacks that are nutritious and taste great. Nature’s Heart is a leader in the healthy snacking industry because their commitment to consumers includes making plant-based superfood snacks with no added sugar. Nature’s Heart snacks are perfect for fueling up before and after workouts. They are make for great after school snacks to help combat hunger while containing daily nutrients. Having healthy snacks on hand whenever individuals are hungry is a great way to start healthy eating routines.


Consumers also need support in creating healthy routines like tracking workouts and daily nutrition intake, according to a recent report by Mintel. BODYGYM makes creating a healthy fitness routine easy by offering over 150 gym quality exercises with their 2.0 All-in-One Portable Home Gym that you can do at home, while traveling, or if you just need a quick workout. BODYGYM re-invented their resistance band by making it ergonomic, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use, helping to assist a seamless workout. The convenient, lightweight, and ready to use BODYGYM 2.0 makes it easy to  start incorporating fitness into any daily routine.

An easy way to develop new healthy habits is to find products that are convenient and easily accessible for any lifestyle. Incorporating products like Nature’s Heart’s plant-based snack mix and BODYGYM 2.0 can help prevent individuals from feeling overwhelmed when looking to create healthy habits while building confidence and conquer a healthy lifestyle.

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