Sommarøy™ Spirits is redefining the norms of the spirit industry with a lower-proof vodka and gin that allows consumers to focus on health and wellness, while still enjoying a delicious cocktail. Sommarøy’s thoughtfully distilled spirits are made to be sipped independently or mixed, making them multi-functional for every occasion and beverage connoisseur. Sommarøy’s Vodka and Gin contain only two-thirds the ABV, compared to other spirits, allowing the good times to last longer. Hand-crafted in a 100-year-old copper pot and distilled twice, their gin is delicious and smooth with hints of botanical juniper, plucky lemon peel, spicy coriander, sweet cassia, and earthy angelica root. Their vodka is gluten-free with a corn foundation and a mild sweetness that is well-balanced in craft cocktails, and buttery smooth to enjoy neat or on the rocks.

Now, more than ever, consumers are attempting to elevate their wellness in all aspects, including evenings out and alcohol consumption. In January 2022, “10.5% said they might consider giving up alcohol, while 7.5% said they planned on drinking less, but not totally abstaining.” Moderation is one of the most sustainable ways for an individual to reduce their drinking, and with Sommarøy Spirits lower-proof liquors, consumers can build new drinking habits and redefine what celebrations look like. Thanks to Sommarøy, consumers can say goodbye to the harmful effects of drinking high-proof spirits and hello to wellness in new forms.

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