Trends in Tidying Up: A Look at the Cleaning and Organization Industry

From cleaning counter tops to tidying up closets, Americans spend approximately six hours per week cleaning their homes. For some, keeping things clean and collected can be a daunting task. In fact, ClosetMaid reports that over half of surveyed Americans have a clutter issue. Research suggests consumers are ready to say goodbye to the mess and Business Wire reports that the cleaning services market is expected to grow by more than 6 percent between 2021 and 2026. Three product categories are leading the cleaning and organization industry from smart-cleaning tools for consumers on the go to green cleaning products for the conscious consumer, and even tools for cleaning physical and mental spaces.

Smart Cleaning Devices

The global smart cleaning market is expected to see a 15.7 percent growth by 2025, reaching nearly $6 billion. Hello, robovac revolution! With consumers getting busier by the day, the demand for cleaning robots and time-saving household appliances increases.

Green Cleaning

Business Wire reports that the use of sustainable washing agents is a major contributing factor to the growth of the market. Green products—like natural solutions and cleaners made with organic ingredients—are the preferred choice for many consumers. It’s important to the conscious consumer that products filling and cleaning their homes are safe for their homes, their health, and for the environment.

Clean Space, Clean Mind

According to Harvard Business Review, cleanliness of the home (or any physical environment) has a significant effect on how people think, feel, act, and even work. Cluttered spaces can increase stress and anxiety, affecting focus, eating choices, and sleep. Essentially, “when our space is a mess, so are we.”

Channeling your inner Marie Kondo, The Home Edit, or the like is often easier said than done with two-thirds of surveyed Americans consumers admitting that they could use more tools to stay organized. From family rooms to bedrooms, and even garages, tools to help keep these spaces clean and clutter-free are essential.