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There’s a Gadget for That: Practical Gadgets for Practically Anything

COVID-19 has created a world of uncertainty and disrupted day-to-day life for many. With more time spent in the home, practical gadgets have solved many problems people have experienced as a result of a drastic change in routine. From DIY and self-care to sanitation and more, thanks to the COVID-19 gadget boom, there’s a practical gadget for that.

Gadgets on the rise due to increased time at home

With consumers spending more time at home, we’ve seen a renewed interest in DIY projects and home improvements. Now that people have extra time at home, they have more time for DIY projects, home improvements, and making their home a relaxing space. Instead of calling a repairman to fix a simple problem, people are purchasing their own tools and gadgets to do it themselves. Edward Flanagan, a contractor, told LA Times that he has received about half as much business compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to repairs and DIY projects, people are also using this time to make their homes more relaxing and cozy. Therapist Katie Lear believes that simple redecorating and rearranging in your home can help boost your mood. Simple items like essential oil diffusers, digital photo frames, and bluetooth speakers to play relaxing music can make all the difference. Hub Research also reports that smart home devices are also on the rise among U.S. adults. Their use is predicted to grow from 33 percent in 2019 to 39 percent in 2020.

Gadgets on the rise due to concern of contracting or spreading germs

Concerns surrounding mental and physical health have increased demand for gadgets that improve wellbeing. For example, the ability to track one’s activity levels, quality of sleep, and nutrition allows people to monitor their own health without completely relying on healthcare professionals. Devices like UV sanitizers and door holding key chains are also being developed to help prevent the spread of germs. The CDC recommends regularly cleaning elevator buttons and using touchless payment methods when feasible. For times when this is not possible, there has been an increase in gadgets that help people push elevator buttons, press keypads, and open doors to avoid the risk of using their hands. UV sanitizing gadgets are also on the rise due to COVID-19. According to a recent report, the UV sanitizing market size is expected to reach $193.8 million by 2026, which is increasing at a market growth of 14.3 percent.

Where the practical gadgets industry is heading

The technology and gadgets industry will likely continue to grow as new problems arise and new inventions are made to solve them. The International Data Corporation believes the technology industry is on track to reach $5 trillion in 2021 which would represent 4.2 percent growth. With growth comes greater demand for gadgets and technology that may help ease some of the uncertainty and stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.