Now more than ever, eco-conscious consumers turn to brands who prioritize our planet – from groceries to toiletries – over those without sustainability initiatives. When it comes to environmental impact, consumers expect accountability from brands, causing a chain of command switch in the consumer space that is causing large brands to adapt in creative and sustainable ways, according to DeloitteThe Better Fish is an “always curious, always evolving,” natural fish company that finds realistic resolutions to environmental issues. Considering the predicted growth of Earth’s population combined with the nutritional needs of humans, the team at The Better Fish has discovered wild fishing will not be sustainable.

Their resolution: Barramundi. Off the coast of Vietnam, The Better Fish has established Fair Trade Certified, sustainable Barramundi fish farms that are free of mercury, PCBs, and contaminants. Their white fish are responsibly raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, additives, or colorants during packaging. In fact, during the packaging process, Barramundi fish are flash frozen and vacuum sealed keeping them at peak freshness to preserve the flavor and nutritional benefits of eating fish.

When considering the water to land ratio is 7:3, The Better Fish has established that it is most resourceful to create nutritional value in larger spaces not occupied by human life: the ocean. Raising fish has a lo on the environment compared to land-based agriculture, which consumes important materials and has a high CO2 impact.

The Better Fish is sustainable, socially responsible, and delicious, available in a variety of flavors from Garlic Teriyaki to Lemon Herb Butter. Not only does The Better Fish create delicious and sustainable fish options for their loyal customers,their team has also joined forces with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to offer valuable resources and guidance to other organizations to continue bettering our planet and the practice of sustainable aquaculture.

PitchBox Media included The Better Fish in an Earth Day + Sustainability themed media shipment. PitchBox Media introduced The Better Fish to a community of national media subscribers, inviting them to place an InstaCart order featuring all the ingredients to make a delicious Barramundi dinner.