Six Media Trends to Follow This Spring Season
Six Media Trends to Follow This Spring Season

Six Media Trends to Follow This Spring Season

When you think of spring you may think of flowers and pastel colors, but what is the media writing about as we enter the spring season? Here are some trends we can be sure to see media talking about in spring 2022.

Sustainability Products

As winter turns to spring, the focus on sustainability is not going anywhere. Forbes Council Member Wayne Elsey believes every business needs to get on board with sustainability as the cost of failing to become sustainable can be much higher than changing how you do things. Elsey says that if business leaders don’t consider how to become environmental leaders, customers will not continue to purchase from them in the long term. Editors will focus on sustainability trends and products, and highlight organizations that are actively making a change in sustainability.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning has been an annual tradition for many years, and 2022 will carry on the tradition of cleaning around your house to welcome the new season. As spring approaches, consumers become eager to declutter their homes and organize their lives. We can expect to see an increase in chatter about cleaning tips, cleaning hacks, organization ideas, and more. Spring cleaning may also go hand and hand with people talking about sustainability products as people are becoming more aware of the harmful chemicals that many cleaning products contain. Sustainable and healthy cleaning product roundups will continue to sprout as we near the new season.

Allergy Season

With all the beautiful flowers and plants blooming comes sniffles and sneezes with allergy season. According to the New York Times, allergy season has been arriving 20 days earlier than it did in 1990 and contains at least 20% more pollen. With more people impacted by the allergy season, it is likely that we will continue to see media stories about allergy remedies and cures, what we can do in our homes to help remedy allergies, and products that hep alleviate allergies.


With a new season always comes a little reset to get back on track with the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Winter months make it easy to fall off your exercise routine with holiday treats, family visits, and cold weather that makes you just want to bundle up and watch a movie. With the spring season, consumers become ready to press the reset button and start back up on a healthy workout routine. Moving into the spring season, media will be looking for advanced fitness products, healthy snacks, creative ways to workout, and more.

Celebrating Easter

Easter is a time when many families get together to celebrate while welcoming the spring season. As spring begins we can expect to see the media begin talking about the big spring holiday. For many people the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed what holiday celebrations look like for their families. As we continue to be cautious about close gatherings, media will focus on Easter decorations, spring flavored products, and creative ways to carry on the tradition of color dying eggs. Celebrating Easter safely with Easter egg hunts and games will also be a big topic of spring stories for press.

Must-Have Spring Fashion

Spring is a time when the sun starts to peak out a bit more throughout the country as we plan to spring forward when we set our clocks an hour forward. With a change in the weather comes the change in what people are wearing. Since the fashion industry works in advance we already have an idea of what fashion trends we will likely see in spring 2022 including colorblocking, crazy cutouts, and kitten heels, according to InStyle Magazine. As the spring season grows closer we can expect to see media publish stories about spring and summer fashion trends.

As the spring season begins and new flowers bloom, new media trends will continue to emerge. It is important for brands to keep an eye on media predictions so brands can pitch their brand story based on upcoming trends and newscycles, and get their story published to the world!