What are the media writing about this summer? If you’re looking to secure earned media coverage for your brand, it’s important to consider seasonal trends and cultural moments that are likely to dominate news desks and editorial assignments. The PitchBox Media team has reviewed trend research and insights from industry experts to identify key media trends for summer 2022. Position your pitch to tap into these trends and elevate your media outreach strategy for a summer filled with media attention.

Travel Returns

With European countries and the U.S. lifting international travel restrictions and easing COVID-19 mandates, everyone is thirsty for travel. The World Travel & Tourism Council predicts that travel and tourism will exceed $2 trillion in the U.S. alone. Summer travel bookings have already surpassed 2021 levels by 80% and are expected to reach an all time high as we inch closer to summer. Compared to prior years, consumers are willing to pay higher prices for travel to enjoy premium experiences they have missed out on the past two years. In your media relations strategy, showcase why your brand is innovative for travelers in 2022 as well as any creative pivots as a result of the pandemic. Journalists will also focus on products and trends that make the travel experience comfortable and memorable.

Summer Cooking + Entertainment

In anticipation of a summer where it is safe to host family and friends and visit public parks and beaches, media will showcase new summer cooking and entertainment trends. A major media trend we expect to see in summer cooking is consumers swapping conventional meat and dairy products for sustainable and grass-fed options, according to Whole Foods. Journalists will also write about summer barbecue trends, new summer activities for families, and new products to complete the perfect beach day. Local events will also be a hot topic for media this summer as concerts, festivals, fairs, and farmer’s markets return with fresh ideas and new experiences.

Corporate Social Responsibility + Brands that Give Back

Brands that support charitable causes will continue to earn media attention throughout the summer. According to Progressive Grocer, 84% of consumers believe it is important for brands to support a social cause with a portion of their profits. The expectation for corporate accountability and social responsibility continues to grow with 87% of consumers stating they will stop supporting a brand if it does not align with their societal beliefs, according to the survey. As a result, brands with strong corporate social responsibility initiatives will be recognized by media and consumers over competitors who lack advocacy for a social cause. However, brand advocacy will only be highlighted by press if the cause feels authentic for the brand.

Bold Summer Colors

After two years of staying indoors and rocking loungewear, consumers are ready to stand out. One way consumers are showcasing their excitement that summer is on the horizon and business is slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels is by incorporating bold colors into their wardrobe. This summer, we will see clothing and swimwear in vivid and bold colors. Lime green, hot pink, eccentric orange, turquoise blues, and other vibrant colors were sported on the runway by major designers like Christian Siriano, Balenciaga, Versace and other fashion powerhouses in New York Fashion Week. These color trends are now being showcased by both luxury and affordable retailers, providing various options for every personality, lifestyle, and body type. Lizzo recently launched a new shapewear collection and has already received a lot of media attention towards the bold colors in the collection. Fashion and lifestyle publications will fill their summer issues with bold colored clothing and statement accessories throughout the season. Fashion, accessory, and lifestyle brands can create media attention by embracing bright colors and bold products this season.

Body Inclusivity

Much more than a trend or buzz word, body inclusivity is a movement. Major brands like Fabletics, Lululemon, and Skims continue to showcase diverse bodies in their marketing campaigns as well as products catering to extended sizes to meet the demand from consumers. The extended size market in the U.S. has reached $32.3 billion in 2021, and will continue to grow into 2022, according to Coresight Research. The media will showcase fashion and swimwear brands that include various body types in their campaigns and sizing, promoting that every body is beautiful. Brands that offer diverse sizing as well as diverse models that realistically reflect consumers will have a leg up in earned media as well as consumer loyalty.

The Wedding Boom

Weddings have been postponed for over two years, and now that restrictions on large events and gatherings are lifted, the wedding boom is here. According to The Knot, over 2.6 million weddings will take place in 2022 in the U.S. alone. As millions of couples are planning their wedding this season, journalists will focus on colorful wedding trends, safety protocols, wedding personalization, unique guest experiences, and sustainable decor. Journalists will highlight all aspects of a wedding including memorable wedding destinations, innovative products for the bride and groom, and the guest experience.

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