The pandemic prompted a shift in the way we work and professionals are feeling the changes like never before – in their back. The migration to a remote workforce was expected to be a temporary safety measure to protect public health, yet has become the new normal for many – trading in ergonomic workspace for a makeshift home office with the temptation of comfy couches and blurred lines between work and play. As a result of the shift from work life balance to work life integration, The Les Mils 2021 Global Fitness Report found that consumers have started to prioritize their health and wellbeing more than ever before.

To combat the repercussions of bad posture, un-ergonomic chairs, increased screen time, and workout fatigue, Chirp wheels feature deep tissue technology that relieves more than back pain. Chirp offers individuals an innovative way to wheel pain away, relieving back and neck pain and supporting muscle recovery by creating healthy habits that can follow you anywhere.


If the brand sounds familiar, it’s because the founder and CEO of Chirp, Tate Stock, appeared on the popular entrepreneurial show “Shark Tank” with the goal to have Chirp wheels in every household, to make people feel good and get back to what they love.

Featured in the PitchBox Media fitness themed media shipment, The Chirp Wheel+ 4-Pack contains four different-sized wheels for optimal relief. Each Chirp wheel targets different parts of the body to get out even the toughest knots. The 12″ Gentle delivers a stretch along with a light massage, the 10″ Firm provides a little more pressure to massage certain problem areas along the spine, the 6″ Deep Tissue digs deep for additional relief, and the 4″ Focus targets pressure in the neck to reduce tension headaches and relieve neck pain.

Getting instant relief with Chirp is simple: sit down, place the wheel along your back or problem area, lean back, lift your hips, roll and breathe. While the floor is the most obvious place to roll your way to relief, Chirp wheels can also be used against other sturdy surfaces like walls or counters. Chirp wheels are not only an ideal home office essential, their portability makes them a great travel companion for relief at the gym, office, or on the go.

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