At a routine dental appointment, industrial designer, Simon Enever, had an “aha moment” when he discovered that most people – including him at the time – brush their teeth too hard and incorrectly. quip began with the mission to create honest, accessible and simple oral care products that form healthy habits and are easy to adapt to. What began with one toothbrush evolved into an oral empire with bundles of reusable, sleek, easy-to-use, and American Dental Association approved products.

With the goal to understand consumers’ oral habits and create the best line of products possible, the quip team knew they had to eliminate the middle man of oral care marketing. Gone are the days of the cliche and misleading “Four out of five dentists recommend” infomercial phrases.

In order to eliminate the middle man, quip created the Smart Brush + quip app to learn about consumers’ habits and help consumers understand their own brushing habits. Within the app, you can track your brushing duration, track your tooth coverage, track your kids’ brushing information and even set goals and enter challenges to earn discounts on future purchases. Not only has this allowed for the quip team to curate products that match consumers’ habits and needs, but it allows their customers to better understand their oral health and get excited about brushing – even flossing!


In 2021 quip launched their Refillable Gum, changing oral history with the first gum accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA). Their gum has a tri-layer crunch, is sugar-free and has a cool, refreshing and delicious peppermint and spearmint flavor. Chewing quip Gum 20 minutes after eating, users can prevent cavities and neutralize acids produced by oral bacteria to keep themselves, their teeth, and gums healthy. The best part? The gum comes in a nostalgic “PEZ-like” dispenser that holds 10 pieces. Based upon how much gum you chew, quip will suggest a subscription plan that will never leave you gum-less.

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