Pitchbox Media New Ideas Blog

Introducing PitchBox Media™, the first subscription box service designed for journalists to discover brands and story ideas and a new way for brands and agencies to elevate their communication strategies and connect with top-tier media.

Meeting the need for virtual pitching experiences
PitchBox Media conducted a survey to more than 200 top-tier journalists to inquire on their pitching preferences. Here is what we found! 60% of journalists say that while useful to their editorial strategy, desksides are no longer an efficient use of their time. 54% of media say that of the more than 50 deskside invitations they receive each month, they only accept one to five of them. Of the media surveyed, 80% said they would participate in a virtual deskside or pitching experience. That’s where PitchBox Media comes in…

How does PitchBox Media benefit journalists?
For journalists, the process is streamlined. Members of the press subscribe to PitchBox Media and select the themed boxes of interest. The box comes during the selected months filled with products that represent that theme’s biggest trends along with a research report and references to help make filling the story and meeting deadlines timely and efficient. Subscribers have access to an online member center, which contains detailed information on each product, downloads, images, company information, and a trend report specific to the given theme. Subscription to PitchBox Media is free for qualifying members of the press.

Pitchbox Media New Ideas Blog

What’s the benefit for brands?
For publicists, agencies, and brands, PitchBox Media helps cut through the clutter. Because journalists subscribe and select the themes they want to receive, brands are guaranteed their product will be seen and considered for an upcoming editorial or content inclusion.

Monthly Themes
Each month, PitchBox Media features two unique themes and fills each box with a selection of carefully curated brands based on current trends. Upcoming themes include: Work From Home, Kids + Family/ Back-to-School, Self-Care Essentials, Pets, Brands with Heart, Holiday Gifting, Winter Beauty Haul, Practical Gadgets, Health + Wellness, Cocktails + Mixology, Date Night Box, Diversity, Cooking + Entertainment, Healthy Home, Earth Day, Spring Beauty, CBD, Mother’s Day, Fitness, and Father’s Day.

Interested in PitchBox Media?
The first PitchBox Media shipment is set for August 2020. Media who would like to subscribe to monthly shipments can learn more at www.pitchboxmedia.com, or email Allie Droze with the PitchBox Media team at allie@pitchboxmedia.com. Brands interested in pitching their product for inclusion in an upcoming theme box may contact Alexa Steevens at alexa@pitchboxmedia.com.