Americans spend more than seven hours a day looking at screens, according to Business Insider. Increased time spent behind screens can lead to symptoms like headaches and lack of sleep, as well as a condition referred to as dry eye. According to Lindsey Bull, OD, FAAO, before our current, more digital age, dry eye was most common in women 50 and up. Now there are 40 million individuals who experience undiagnosed dry eye in the United States, many of which now range from 20 to 30 years old. People with dry eye experience constant dry and sensitive, yet watery eyes which can affect vision and overall wellness. Dry eye occurs when the tear duct and the tear gland cannot provide adequate moisture to the eye, making the eye dry, red, and inflamed. Patients with dry eye will often tear up randomly or feel like an object like sand is stuck in their eye. Dr. John Olkowski, a corneal specialist, created NuLids to save patients with dry eye time and money with a simple, yet effective solution for dry eye relief at home. By using the NuLids device, dry eye symptoms are improved faster and more effectively than with hot compresses and manual lid scrubs.

The NuLids device works by gently massaging and cleaning the eyelids, getting rid of dead skin cells, bacteria, and makeup while reactivating the Meibomian Glands to promote healthier, moisturized eyes. Used once a day for one minute, users simply change out the NuLids Soft Tips after each use and apply the NuLids Revitalize Eyelid Gel — made of argan oil, pomegranate fruit extract, Norway spruce tree sap, and jojoba esters — to help promote eyelid health and prep eyes for the NuLids device.

Since its launch in 2018, NuLids is FDA registered and positioned to be the front-line treatment for Dry Eye. NuLids has received appraise from doctors and patients alike, noting ease of use, effectiveness, and value.

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