As sustainability continues to gain popularity among younger generations, it becomes more important for brands to implement environmentally friendly practices. According to the IDC, “almost seven out of 10 shoppers say a brand’s sustainability practices shape their purchasing decisions.” This number increases for younger generations. A survey conducted by Deloitte found that 45% of Gen Z respondents have stopped purchasing from brands that do not align with their ethical or sustainability values and look towards brands that provide sustainable packaging.

Life Elements is a Latina-owned small business that creates nature-based body and skincare products that provide a great user experience, but not at the expense of the earth. Life Elements products are packaged with sustainable materials, from biodegradable packing peanuts made from starch to 100% compostable brown bags and innovative mushroom packaging. The brand also has a collection of refillable products with lighter packaging to help reduce environmental impact.

Packaging is just one nod to Life Elements’ eco-friendly ethos. Life Elements products are made with ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, like honey, tepezcohuite, and organically grown hemp, with formulas that are safe for you, and for the earth.

Part of what makes Life Elements different from other body and skincare brands is how founder Martha Van Inwegan is committed to transparency. She believes “people want to know who is making the products they use on their body and that there are, indeed real people making real products that are healthy and good for them.” This type of transparency continues to become more important to consumers, especially when it comes to ethical and sustainable practices. In fact, in 2020, Google searches for “ethical brands” grew 300% and “ethical online shopping” grew 600%, according to Forbes.

With more consumers moving towards brands that align with their personal values, companies need to reevaluate their brand values to match consumers’ needs.

PitchBox Media featured Life Elements in the 2022 Earth Day + Sustainability theme. Life Elements worked with PitchBox Media to share their products with journalists looking to discover eco-friendly and sustainable products.

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