As the saying goes, “It’s the little things that matter most…” from the intangible thoughts and memories we carry in our hearts and minds to the material possessions we choose to physically carry with us every single day – phrase that carry goods company, Andar, has embedded into their line of minimalistic and luxury leather goods. Founders and brothers Jacob and Eric Elggren discovered the importance of carrying what matters after many trips abroad. After living in South America and discovering their deep love and respect for the culture, Andar was was given its name after the Spanish verb “to carry.”

The tagline, “carry what matters,” inspires all Andar products and continues to inspire their team to create innovate products to help individuals carry what matters. Their newest wallet, The Pilot, successfully made its debut during the Supperbowl and continues to sell out. The Pilot represents Andar’s ability to carry what matters in a classic, high quality wallet yet implements new technology with their unique patent-pending card wheel.

Andar is dedicated to the meaning behind its name, curating only the highest quality products to help individuals carry and organize what matters. What started with wallets back in 2015 has expanded to a robust line of wallets, bags, cases, and other organizational products, from backpacks and briefcases to cord burritos and keychains.

Andar worked with PitchBox Media to share their wallets as a gift idea for Father’s Day with our community of journalists who represent national media publications. Learn how PitchBox Media can connect your brand with national media participation in an upcoming themed media shipment.