Wellness products have been on the rise for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic set off consumer demand for wellness products like never before. The Global Wellness Institute expects a 9.9% annual growth in the wellness industry coming out of the pandemic, with the industry itself reaching $7 trillion in 2025. McKinsey & Company has found that consumers are looking for creative products that positively impact their health, fitness, nutrition, appearance, sleep, and mindfulness. Backed by science and created by one of the leading family-owned and operated wellness companies, Designs for Health, FX Chocolate was born. During a time when many individuals needed wellness (and a little indulgence) most, FX Chocolate entered the market in August 2020, combining those two very things.

From sleep to energy, relaxation to focus, FX Chocolate bars boast a variety of wellness benefits, designed to meet the needs of consumers with varying wellness intentions at any time of day. FX Chocolate bars are available in variety and sampler packs, allowing customers to try and combine chocolates in order to find their perfect path to wellness.

BusinessWire found that one of the most popular wellness trends during the pandemic was ‘purposeful indulgence’ is the new ‘permissible indulgence.’ Individuals were becoming more forgiving towards foods deemed “unhealthy” just months prior in order to benefit their happiness. FX Chocolate emerged at the perfect time, offering a combination of a sweet treatand a wellness punch all wrapped up in a single chocolate square. With a team of scientists and researchers, FX Chocolate makes sure that each square of chocolate is balanced, potent, and transparent to deliver intentional wellness benefits in every bite.