While pretty packaging can be persuasive and organic ingredients are intriguing, labels on products lack traction if buyers do not believe in the brand. Beauty consumers have new demands for their products that have little to do with ingredients and more to do with the people and values behind the brand. Mintel found that consumers are prioritizing trust above all other factors and brands now have to convey their “what,” “why,” and “how”  to consumers. With high risk comes high reward and as trust increases, we can expect a steep increase of brand loyalty in the beauty industry.

When the topic of trust arises, one particular PitchBox Media brand emulates this to a tee. Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu are the genius and relatable skincare chemists behind Chemist Confessions. The two became close as cubicle buddies working at a beauty conglomerate. After realizing their values no longer aligned with those of their employer, they felt frustrated by the lies consumers were being told about their skin. They boldly decided to leave the company together and create a safe space for consumers to go to for honest skincare advice.

Chemist Confessions
Chemist Confessions

Followers of Chemist Confessions found their honesty to be a refreshing voice among the smoke and mirrors of the beauty industry and their audience quickly grew. From a blog to a podcast, and a podcast to a book, the two became wildly successful, with a following and reputation built on trust. Their book, Skincare Decoded, is exactly what readers would expect upon seeing the title. Fu and Lu spent their time during the COVID-19 pandemic writing the book and decoding skincare for readers with all levels of skincare knowledge, from beginners to those with 13-step regimens.

Chemist Confessions

In addition to the Chemist Confessions educational platforms designed to teach consumers about skincare, Fu and Lu developed a skincare line that is effective and won’t break the bank, with transparency at its core. They’ll event tell you how much active ingredient is in each product, a practice not widely implemented by other brands in the skincare space. Chemist Confessions products range from cleansers, moisturizers, and treatments as well as specific products for different skin types. The chemists have even gone so far as to implement an “open door” policy with their community – if they ever have questions about their skin-type, products, or routine, they can reach out to Fu and Lu directly.

With education and transparency at the core of the brand, Chemist Confessions sets a tone of trust for the future of the beauty and skincare, raising the bar for the industry at large.

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