What are the media writing about this fall? If you’re looking to secure earned media coverage for your brand, it’s important to consider seasonal trends and cultural moments that are likely to dominate news desks and editorial assignments. The PitchBox Media team has reviewed trend research and insights from industry experts to identify key media trends for fall 2022. Position your pitch to tap into these trends and elevate your media outreach strategy for a season filled with media attention.

Back to School

Back to School season has finally arrived; minivans are full, backpacks and lunches are packed! For consumers who are busy parents juggling carpools, extracurricular activities, and meal planning, a few things on their mind include efficiency, sales, and gas prices. With back to school shopping and increased gas prices, consumers are using social media to find the best online shopping and sales, according to First Insight. In addition to online shopping, parents anticipate relying on expedited shipping to support them with last minute school essentials and purchases.

Black Friday and Holiday Shopping

Holiday gift guides are already starting to soft launch in preparation for 22% of consumers who will complete holiday shopping early. While consumers will be shopping earlier than normal, they will still rely on convenience to make their holiday shopping more do-able. This includes buying online, participating in curbside-pick up or in-store pickup, purchasing via their cell phones and smart devices, and easy and inclusive return policies.


Pinterest found that for the past two years, individuals have put off hosting large holiday parties and soirees and replaced them with what they call “mini moments.” Now, consumers want the best of both worlds: intimate experiences like cookie parties and movie nights and big, festive gatherings which have been few and far between in recent years. Wanting it all certainly comes with a price tag, and consumers are spending more than ever before to incorporate elaborate events and mini moments into their holiday budget and schedule.

Football Season

With the first football season in two years without a COVID-19 advisory, fans are buzzing to host game day parties and tailgates, feast on party appetizers, and even visit their favorite teams. Increased gas prices and airline flights are keeping fans closer to home, only amplifying the effort that hosts are putting into parties. As a result, consumers are looking for items with a “wow factor”, to implement into their game day rituals, showoff to fantasy football teams, or dazzle a crowd at their game day festivities.

Consumers Cozy In with Additional Requirements

As fall approaches, consumers welcome it with open arms and plenty of pumpkin goods. For consumer shopping, fall requires more balance and strategy as consumers plan for holiday spending ahead. For consumers to indulge in fall materials and seasonal luxuries, there is often more required for brands to close additional sales and empty shopping carts. This includes: discounted sales, expedited shipping, ease, and simple return policies as these are all variables that convince consumers to shop.

What all these trends have in common is simplicity. Consumers are looking for shopping experiences that will come naturally and offer them more than the product purchased. PitchBox Media specializes in identifying industry trends, providing journalists with access to innovative and trend-worthy brands to inspire story ideas and streamline their editorial process. Are your pitches ignored despite your current PR efforts? Schedule a demo today to learn how PitchBox Media themed media shipments can put your brand in the hands of relevant journalists.